5 Tips for Starting a New Job Right

By Robert Half Finance & Accounting

Starting a new job is exciting, but it also can be stressful. While most managers understand you need time to adapt, they will be taking note of how you do it. Following are five tips to help you make a positive impression on your new manager and coworkers:

1. Start fresh. Make sure you have a restful weekend and good night’s sleep before your first day, and eat a healthy breakfast prior to heading into the office. It may sound simple, but feeling refreshed and energized will help you begin your new job at your best.

2. Assess the corporate culture. Pay attention to unwritten company rules and adopt them as your own. Consider arriving 30 minutes early and leaving half an hour late on your first day or two to get a sense of how many others in your department do the same. Also note whether your coworkers or manager are fielding calls or emails from home, as well as the prevailing communication styles and dress code.

3. Clarify expectations. Within your first couple of days, meet with your manager to discuss your responsibilities and how your position fits into the overall business objectives. Consider asking about the immediate priorities that need to be addressed, how you should provide project updates and how your performance will be evaluated.

4. Get to know the team. While your boss will likely take you through the office to meet everyone on your first day, your introduction should go beyond, “Hi, I’m Rachel.” Whether it’s over a coffee break, lunch or formal meeting, take the initiative to build rapport with your colleagues and learn about how their roles impact yours.

5. Have a game plan. Develop a strategy to guide your first 30 days on the job. Include your goals and specific actions you’ll take to achieve them.

The tips above will help make your start on the job a successful one, but keep in mind that it’s important to strike a balance: You want to exude confidence without seeming arrogant. By displaying an upbeat, dedicated attitude, your boss and colleagues will be thrilled you’re part of the team.

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